AM Control and Automation is engaged in offering an optimum quality Conveyor.


We have been manufacturing a wide range of chain conveyors, Strand Chain Conveyors, multi strand chain conveyors and slat chain roller which is in accordance with various industrial standards. These are customized as per the specifications of our clients and are used for horizontal as well as inclined applications such as conveying bulk items such as cartons, pallets, bags, etc.


• Chain size decided after considering the conveyor length & the component weight on the conveyor.

• Extended roller chain, extended pitch chain, extended attachment chain, etc for suiting different applications.

• Application duty ranges from light to heavy duty.

• Conveyor used for lesser angle of inclinations.

• MOC - MS, SS304, SS316

Optional attachments:

• Adjustable / fixed side guides

• Castor wheels for easy movement of conveyors

• Drip trays

• Attachments on chain links for gripping components

• Pneumatic lifters, stoppers, pushers etc

• Safety mechanisms for excess loading / blockages

• Wear down zones for impact loading

• Electrical control panel (plc or non-plc based)

• Vfd for speed variation

• Sensors for different application, including counting mechanisms

• Twin strand inclined chain conveyor

• Twin strand chain conveyor


AM Control and Automation is engaged in offering an optimum quality Roller Conveyor.

• We follow international standards of quality while manufacturing our range of Roller Conveyors. These conveyors are classified as powered & un-powered roller conveyors and are used for applications ranging from medium to heavy loads. We pay attention even to the minutest detail as we engineer each roller from ERW pipe and provide bearings and stationary shafts at both the ends. These rollers are assembled in a frame in such as manner that one or the other roller can be removed anytime without even disturbing adjacent rollers.

• Modular construction

• Available in standard length of 2500 mm

• Adjustable leg supports for easy installation and leveling at site.

• Our range of un-powered rollers does not require any power to get operated and the conveying of components is done by pushing the component or by gravity. We also design and develop angle of declination for gravity roller conveyors after considering the load of the component.

These rollers are free to move and possess following specifications:

• MOC - MS, SS 304, SS 316

• MOC for Frames - MS powder coated, SS 304, SS 316

• Adjustable / fixed side guides

• Castor wheels for easy movement of conveyors.

• Drip trays

• Impact zones for impact loading

• Pneumatic lifters, stoppers, pushers etc.


AM Control and Automation is engaged in offering an optimum quality Belt Conveyor.

• We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of belt conveyors and slider bed belt conveyors which is fabricated as per the specifications of our clients. These are manufactured using high grade raw material and are used for conveying practically various types of solids from powder/granules to bulk items. These belt conveyors and slider bed belt conveyors are used for conveying various types of solids from belt conveyors which are basically of two types:

Slider Bed Belt Conveyors

• Belt is supported by the metal sheet throughout the length of conveying, wherein the belt slides over the metallic plate

• Used for light & medium weight applications

Roller Bed Belt Conveyors

• Belt runs over a set of free rollers

• Horizontal or trough type construction (angled taper rollers)

• Used for light, medium & heavy applications.


• Types of belts: - PVC, PU, Rubber, Felt-Type, Rough-Top, Etc.

• Widths available - from 50 mm to 1500 mm.

• Length available - from 500 mm to 15000 mm with single drive.

• MOC - MS, SS202, SS304, SS316, Aluminum.

• Finishing for MS equipment is done with powder coated, either in gloss or structure finish.

• Finishing for SS equipment is done with sanitary matt or glass bead blast finish, mirror finish only on request, where as for aluminum conveyors, the extruded aluminum sections are anodized We have been manufacturing conveyors in a standard module of 2500 mm and for conveyors of length more than 2500 mm; modules of 2500 mm are assembled to a maximum length of 15000 mm with single drive.